4 Characteristics Of A Good Marriage Counseling Therapist

When your marriage goes south, it is time to go to a marriage counseling therapist.  There are a lot of therapists that tackle marriage counseling in Southern California.  Because of that, it is important to take a look at what makes a therapist good.

1) Observant

It is very important for a marriage counseling therapist to observe their patients because it is possible they are lying about their relationship.  The things that should be observed are the patient’s body language, tone of voice and other body movements.  For example, a couple comes in and the wife tells you that their relationship is completely fine.  After that, both of them completely ignore the other by turning their backs on each other.  It is certainly not a good sign and it can be noticed that they are lying because they want to get the session over with.  It is possible one of them would like to move on to the next relationship and the other would want to fix it.

2) Excellent at Listening

There is a reason why counselors don’t want any interruptions during the sessions between them and their patients.  They want to listen carefully to what their patients have to say.  During the session, counselors are not only trying to hear out what their patients say but they also find out the meaning of their words.  After that, the counselor would bounce back with the right questions aimed at solving the problem.  For example, a spouse could tell the counselor that she thinks his husband always comes home late.  The counselor could follow that up by asking the spouse if she thinks her husband is seeing someone.  After that, the spouse can reveal her true emotions about her husband instead of hiding it inside her.  It would feel great to let out your emotions especially to a professional who is willing to help.

3) Useful organizational and time management skills

There are so many things where the skill of good organizational and time management skills can become useful.  One of them is being able to keep track of a good schedule so nobody would be booked on the same time slot because if that happens then both will get angry.  Counselors also have a nice amount of paper work to do and those things have deadlines. 

4) Having a lot of empathy

Since people come to the counselor’s office with all sorts of problems, it is important to empathize with them.  These issues can make them feel sad so the counselor must feel like they are also in the problem in order to make them feel better.  If you tell the patient what they want to hear like a simple “Everything is going to be alright” then it will make them feel at ease.  When you make a patient feel great, she would want to tell everything.  However, when she feels uncomfortable in your presence then she is going to make your job a lot harder than it already is.

Jake Wallace is a therapist in Southern California.  He spends his free time joining feeding programs and organizing a group of psychotherapist.  He knows that you must share to others what you have in order to be blessed.  

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